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spent-gladiator-2 asked: ok I have a question.. I was glazing something and my teacher told me to use underglazes so I went into the underglaze closet and grabbed glazes that would be the perfect colour. One of the glazes turned out to not be an underglaze, in fact it was an opalescent comercial glaze.. it was the main glaze I used. I had placed it on the bottom and layered light blue underglaze OVER it. When I realzied it was an opalescent glaze I thought for sure my piece was a goner.. -continued-


So i asked my teacher and she said to put clear overglaze only over the areas with underglaze, so I did. and I am so worried it will die lol Do you think it will be okay ? thank you

Oh, I’ve never actually put underglazes OVER a glaze before, so I really don’t know what would happen. I would think it would either run with the glaze or burn right off, but I’m not sure. And I’ve never worked with overglazes before. 

Did you already fire the piece once? And now you’re firing it again?

I’m sorry I’m not much help at all.

Can someone help this person out?

If the commercial glazes are Mayco/Amoco/Duncan, firing at cone 06 (I know a lot of schools fire at this temperature), you should have no problem. If you fire at 05, all the glazes may run a little but won’t “move” that much, and won’t burn off.

If you’re firing higher than that, I’m not much help; most of my experience is with TONS of commercial low-fire underglazes and overglazes. Good luck!

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